Monday, January 19, 2009

Hawaii’s Best Fish Tacos - Mi Casa Taqueria Fish Tacos

Monsarat street is a quaint, often overlooked street near Diamond Head. The tree lined streets, quaint homes, and small eateries harken back to Montrose (LA) or other small streets with neighborhood foot traffic.

After a day’s hike to the top of the state landmark, Diamond Head (an extinct volcano and military base), Christian and I headed to Mi Casa Taqueria Fish Tacos. Reminiscent of Wahoo’s (but certainly better than) this independently owned joint serves sandwiches (grilled salmon with pesto on cibatta bread), salads and ono fish tacos with special aioli sauce. I ordered the latter (with choice of fries or ‘hapa’ rice—i.e. half brown rice and half white rice) and ate it right up!

The décor is part donated local surf stuff (e.g. surfboards for sale, surf photos for sale) and in part colorful mish-mash tabling. The wooden chairs are playfully multi-colored painting in red, blue, yellow and black. And the flooring is in a black and white checkered print. We enjoyed the window seats that allowed us to watch the joggers, walkers and strollers pass by on today’s bright sunny afternoon.

Where it’s at:

Mi Casa Taqueria Fish Tacos

3046 Monsarat Avenue (near Diamond Head area)

Honolulu, Hawaii

[photo courtesy of christian]--thanks!

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