Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pretty in Pink - Breast Cancer Cool Picks

A number of companies are teaming up with national foundations to raise awareness and research for the fight against breast cancer. Some of my favorite 2008 “pretty in pink” items:

"PINK" (CD): Hawaiian music artists join together to create an album sampling local , jazz, and pop-remakes to support the Maui Memorial Medical Center--[I like the cause and concept more than the music itself.]($11 at Costco in Hawaii)

Hallmark: Offers a line of free greeting cards. These pink cards are beautifully designed by cancer survivors; each card inscribes a short word about the survivor. Pick the free cards up near the register counter.

Coffee Bean - Creamy pink insulated coffee tumbler; purchases support the National Breast Cancer Foundation ($15).

Others cool picks:

Yoplait Yogurt – Donate $0.10 for every pink foil lid for the Komen foundation
– 10% of sales from packages of Pink “Promise Blend” M&Ms
Pepperidge Farm Cookies
- donation for specially marked packages
- $0.15 donated for purchases of specially marked boxes.