Monday, June 2, 2008

Best Water Bottle – Hydrate with SIGG Style

Thumbs up for these Limited Edition Asian-inspired reusable water bottles by SIGG ($22). SIGG, a 100 year old Swiss company, is known for its quality built products, garnering a consistent loyal base in Europe and Canada.

Four good reasons to buy a SIGG:

1) SIGGs are lined with ceramic leaving water tasting like water—not the plastic or metal container it’s in (FDA approved).

2) SIGGs are eco-friendly – Reusable, made from recyclable aluminum and 1% of every purchase goes toward environmental causes!

3) SIGGs are stylish – They come in 149 fun designs, 6 of them Asian themed

4) SIGGs are functional – They are well constructed and durable, noted as “the world’s toughest water bottle” (Backpacker Magazine), yet weighs almost the same as a plastic bottle.

Unfortunately, SIGG manufacturers are completely sold out of their products for 2008, and according to Hawaii store owners the Asian designs in particular are nearly impossible to find.

Island Secret - Where to Get It:

Lily Lotus Boutique, Kaimuki (only a handful of Asian designs left)
Online: REI and Patagonia (regular designs)

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